Are All Energy Healing Schools Like Carol Tuttle Healing School?

Michelle Jones

The concept of a energy healing school, similar to Carol Tuttle Healing School curriculum is a fairly new development in the world of education for spiritually oriented students. Of course, there are many individual courses, online or not, books and tapes, but there are a few well organized systems that will teach the whole overview of spiritual concepts, how to heal with energy, chakra systems, reiki and other knowledge required for curing, either yourself or others.

These schools for healers are usually a bit more expensive to attend, but if you can enjoy the luxury of making the payment, are well worth it because they enable you to learn quickly, get really relevant information and guidance, especially if you are planning on starting your own practice as a healer.

In this article, CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd takes a broad look at various aspects of a typical healing school, much like the Carol Tuttle Healing School we'll talk about a bit later.

For those who are seeking an alternative and metaphysical education, a number of schools like these may pave the way to higher learning. Typically, energy healing schools instruct students in how to facilitate therapeutic work to prompt self-awareness and overall well being.

Teaching how to balance the chakras within the human anatomy, hands-on training in a school gives students the knowledge on how to clear and open these passages. Students enrolled in any school of this type will learn how to use vibrational balance and harmony; which promotes overall well being – mind, body and soul.

Spiritual school teaches students the principle that universal frequencies surround us and are available to us for alteration purposes. This further instructs on deep purification methods that release old traumas and fears, thus releasing limitations on natural capabilities to cure others.

Additionally, school like this teaches the students how to reveal openings to chakras and how to abandon heavy blockages of your subtle energies. as well as instruct individuals how to gain mind clarity, understanding, and heightened awareness.

Schools teach future practitioners how to channel energies through the client; which, in turn aids the individual in flow balance. Schools for healers instruct in one or more methods in how to sound or pray silently during restorative sessions. Instructional courses may include methods in meditation, reiki, color therapy, crystal healing, Qigong, visualization, touch therapy, and/or chakras balancing therapies.

In addition, students enrolled in these schools may opt to participate in classes where they can work toward varying levels of certification or continuing education units. Unique from traditional learning systems, they afford students with opportunities to complete studies through evening and weekend courses; in addition to daytime classes. Tuition does range in cost, so it is always wise to check with more than one school to determine which one is right for you.

As part of this specialized Carol Tuttle School offered as an extensive online course spanning a length of 10 weeks, Carol Tuttle goes deep into explanations on how to heal using the subtle energies we all have and, if that is something you like, how to become a certified energy healer. Carol Tuttle school course materials include various sections that are targeting the problem areas most healers and beginners share and need to remove before going on to heal others.

Carol Tuttle Healing School - Healing School Image

Carol Tuttle Healing School

Only once you have learned how to heal yourself of these blocks and impediments to your own flow of energies, can you truly start helping others. And as Carol Tuttle healing school teaches, there is nothing wrong about being compensated for that or opening your own business based on this wonderful gift of helping others. Carol Tuttle also explains her own journey and points out a few things on how to make the whole experience worth your while.

Here are a few words from Carol Tuttle and her Carol Tuttle Healing School, describing some general ideas about spiritual development and awareness, various types of modalities, chakras and other methods.

When practicing energy modalities it’s important to realize that although no two modalities or practitioners will ever be the same, the results can be. The unifying factor is the power of your mind – your intention, your expectations and your belief.

The ancient saying, “Patient, heal thyself!” is not a cruel thing to say, but the truth that at our core we are all energetic beings with the power to manipulate the physical manifestations of subtle energies!

The process is different for each person. If the patient sets the intention that a particular form of energy will work, then the stage is set for a cure. Any doubt or pessimism can dilute the effectiveness of energies. If the patient expects to be healed, then the cure will be encouraged. If the patient secretly harbors a belief that it’s hopeless and a waste of time, well, then it will be. If the patient believes that everything is energy and that true way to be healed has an energetic source, then the mental and emotional blocks to achieving the cure will be removed and it will occur.

This kind of process essentially clears the roadblocks. If everything flows freely through the chakras, the body’s amazing capacity for self-healing is activated. But if energies are blocked, our physical systems will be busy in survival mode.

The process of helping yourself or others, as taught in Carol Tuttle Chakra program as well as Carol Tuttle Healing School can bring immense feelings of relief and exhilaration. Sometimes you may feel exhausted after a session. This is simply a sign of you readjusting as the realignment process removes negative blocks. As your emotional body detoxifies, you may even notice changes in your physical body such as skin rashes or illness following a treatment – take these unpleasant side effects as signs that the process is working!

Whether you learn and practice these modalities on yourself or seek a healer to help guide you, it’s important to choose a modality that resonates with you. Choose the one that intuitively feels right and keep in mind that you are identifying and addressing the energetic root of the problem so that the body is supported in its self-healing.

An Introduction to Some Well-Known Energy Healing Modalities

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT): Carol Tuttle describes it as a system that allows you to bring the negative energies to the forefront of your awareness; sometimes awareness is enough to break them down and release them, and other times you may need to consciously direct positive energy into your subtle body so that the negativity can be pushed out (much like turning on a light in a dark room). Those suffering from emotional stress or physical ailments can benefit from this modality the most.

Spiritual Restructuring (SR): One of the more powerful modalities, this helps you to bring the spiritual and physical into harmony together. The cure occurs between both the physical and spiritual plane so that the physical body and the body of the soul are repaired simultaneously. Carol teaches that this way healing is more easily achieved and in less time this way. Muscle and joint pains as well as other physical imbalances in the body are brought back to a healthy and positive state. You can also learn what nutritional needs you may have in order to bring your vitality back and release toxins from the body.

Chakra Balancing and Attunement: A fairly simple but effective modality, chakra balancing and attunement works to repair a damaged or imbalanced chakra and put it back into harmony with the other main chakras in the body. This modality reopens a damaged, blocked or imbalanced ones to the power of healing. As described in Carol Tuttle Chakra healing course, the chakras serve as the conduits through which positive energies can free flow through our physical and spiritual being. When one is affected, all are affected. Illness, depression, mental or bodily stress and injury can all work against the chakras to throw them out of balance. Carol Tuttle recommends to use the following phrases when balancing your chakras, to give clear direction to your mind and emotions:

  • Root Chakra: Responsible and nurturing
  • Sacral Chakra: Benevolent and forgiving
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: Confident or self-valued
  • Heart Chakra: Loving kindness and unconditional love
  • Throat Chakra: Open communicator and authentic
  • Third-eye Chakra: Resilient and strong
  • Crown Chakra: Grateful and aware of the Divine

Reiki (Touch): Being a Reiki master, Carol Tuttle describes reiki uses a series of hand positions either held just above or lightly on the areas of the body where the chakras are located. The hand positions are meant to offer and introduce positive energy from the healer into the physical and etheric body of the afflicted. You can perform reiki on yourself with your own hands, or enlist the help of a healer.

Theta Healers: Theta is all about converting yourself into a co-creator of your life and your reality. Become connected with your higher self and the Higher Entity in order to play an active role in the process of creating your life. It moves beyond simple cure for a particular illness and works to completely replace negativity that has been programmed into our subconscious, even if the negativity has been there for years. Use theta healing to cancel out the self, or inward, negativity that so too often manifests itself in the subconscious and replace it with self-empowerment and spiritual growth. As described by Carol Tuttle, the point here is to reprogram the subconscious mind by letting your consciousness move into the theta brainwave state through meditation.

At our most fundamental levels of being we are a series of energy exchanges and consciousness. It is only natural that energies are a basis for all cures. Attempting to cure the symptoms never leads to resolving the true cause. To truly heal, you must go within, to the source, to the energetic imbalance.

In closing, Carol Tuttle teaches that your process to heal begins by connecting yourself to the modality that resonates with you the best. If you haven’t found something that you feel will work for you in the list above, there are many, many others. Keep looking! Finding the modality that fits you will be its own journey of awakening.

Whichever type of energy healing you choose, remember that it is the power of your own energies that must be awakened: intention, expectation, belief.

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