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Michelle Jones

Before I begin my Carol Tuttle Healing School review, you should know that I actually went ahead and obtained access to this latest program created by Carol Tuttle. I find that it is the only way that I can honestly review and analyze a product. So the information you find here is what really exists in the actual training material – I'm not making it up, promise! 🙂

Carol Tuttle Healing School Review - Course StudentsHowever, I'm sure you'll understand that I cannot publish the whole contents of the school program – that just wouldn't be fair. I'll try to give you an overall feel for the school curriculum, structure and some details that will hopefully give you a better idea if the material will work for you or not.

At the time of writing of this Carol Tuttle Healing School review, this “Energy Mastery” school consists of 10 weeks of information packed and intensive online material.

After you decide to go ahead and purchase the program, you'll receive a link to the page where you can use your username and password to login and access the training information.

Like any other online course, you can login and study anytime you'd like. This is definitely a bonus if you, like most of us, need to schedule some “quiet time” for yourself every day – the healing school will always be there!

Let Carol Help You Become Energy Healer

The overall goal and idea behind Carol Tuttle Healing School is to teach you how to harness the power of inner field of energies and become a genuine healer. This knowledge and feeling that you acquire will enable you to heal yourself, others around you and, if that is something you are interested in, create a successful business as an energy healer. In this ten block program you will learn techniques to work with the body's subtle energies as well as learn ways to clear the emotional and mental body.

You will first learn the nature of how your subtle energies work and how to come back into alignment with your specific type. You will learn how to assess types of energies of others and assist them in healing and alignment process. With constant guidance by Carol Tuttle, you'll learn and improve in recognizing, feeling and channeling the natural energies that are all around us towards the goal you choose.

What I really like about Carol Tuttle Healing School approach is that the last 28 days are focused on how to create a successful energy healing business! I haven't found such a detailed explanation and almost step-by-step guidance on applying the skills you just learned. Carol Tuttle will share her one of a kind business model that is especially designed to help healer’s and life coaches create successful private practices. After these intense 4 weeks of coaching you will be on your way to helping people change their lives and make thousands of dollars in your new healing career.

The program includes pre-scheduled live online sessions with Carol Tuttle, but in case of time conflicts (I had a few), each online session was recorded and available within the following 24 hours. I found that very useful, especially that you can go back and forth and re-visit the areas you weren't quite sure about. All of the materials and notes are also available for each of the scheduled sessions. Another feature, which is pretty standard for online presentations these days, is that you can download any of the video, audio or text files in any imaginable format – so no worries that the downloaded audio file will not work on your tablet or iPod…

Carol Tuttle Healing School Table Of Contents

When you first login into your student account, you'll find a detailed introduction, general help on how to navigate around your account, 10 weeks of jam-packed content, very useful “frequently asked questions” section and a couple of sections of bonuses that Carol Tuttle included. I have to say that these bonuses were as valuable to me as the rest of the course! Tons of books (in PDF format) and audio and video guidance files with Carol Tuttle coaching on various topics directly related to the rest of the course material.

Carol Tuttle Healing School Review - Hi Five With Carol

Carol Tuttle Healing School Review – Job Well Done!

I personally found audio files about “growing your energy healer business” and “activating your life purpose” extremely helpful to my own situation. What I heard is that the team at MindValley and Carol Tuttle very often add new “bonus” surprises to this course – so you might find another true gem hiding in there! The Carol Tuttle Healing School program includes these main sections:

  • Welcome section
  • Week 1 Learn Your Energy Profile and Daily Routine
  • Week 2 Clearing Psychological Reversals
  • Week 3 Reprogramming Your Chakras
  • Week 4 Clearing Your Birth Energy
  • Week 5 1st Degree Reiki Attunement
  • Week 6 Using Meridian Tapping for Emotional Healing
  • Week 7 Developing your Strengths as a Healer
  • Week 8 Creating Success with Your Clients
  • Week 9 Creating a Thriving Private Practice
  • Week 10 Make More Money as a Healer
  • Frequently Asked Questions section
  • Bonus section
  • Surprise bonus section

Now don't be fooled by this seemingly short list – inside each of these sections there is a ton of information, audio and video files, notes and exercises that you need to follow as you progress from one chapter to another. At the same time, though I found all of this information so easy to follow – so I never really felt tired.

Once you start, if you haven't done it before, working with subtle energy becomes an awesome feeling and you want to keep going back there, especially once you see results with healing others! Carol Tuttle expertly guides you through every nuance you need to know, from grounding yourself before the healing session to knowing how to setup your new energy healer business venture… Don't miss the opportunity and, at least, give this excellent program a try and see if it works for you!




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