Energy Profiling And Dressing Your Truth

Michelle Jones

When we talk about the expression “nature”, most of us will end up thinking about or referencing topics related to earth, wildlife or the environment. However there is another way we often use this term and yet we do not even pay much attention to it. I'm sure you've heard these exact or similar expressions before “He is just natural at…” or “That is her second nature…”.

Carol Tuttle developed a simple system called Dressing Your Truth that attempts to broadly categorize people in four major groups or types with the idea of knowing a lot about them just by identifying several key characteristics.  Her system consists of Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 where these types mimic the four natural elements found everywhere: nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon.

Handle Compliments By Carol Tuttle Dressing Your Truth

Carol Tuttle Dressing Your Truth

Great thing about the Dressing Your Truth system that Carol Tuttle introduced is that it isn't focused just on person's personality traits. It includes body language, physical features, behavior patterns and facial features. Having this kind of knowledge allows you to quickly get an idea about the person you are communicating with and maybe adjust your approach in order to enhance the exchange.

This, in turn, allows you to gain tremendous self-confidence and the courage to go out, meet new people and interact with them on a completely different level. Carol Tuttle Dressing Your Truth program is obviously a great tool to have in your arsenal, especially if your career requires meeting or communicating with people you don't know.

One of the biggest challenges of professional life coaches is lack of self-confidence. Self-confidence is something that ultimately can only come with experience and even then it can sometimes falter. Of course it is to be expected when you're just starting out, but I have talked with many seasoned coaches who are still struggling with self-confidence.

Besides experience, there are other things you can do to gain more self-confidence and one way is understand your nature and energy movement and then learn how to express that as well as your natural beauty in how you dress yourself.

Recently, I came across a brilliant system for this while researching resources for my clients. It is called Dressing Your Truth developed by Carol Tuttle, and it deals with aspects of your personality in relationship to the flow of nature. Carol designed a system that divides us into 4 types and shows how our energy flows in basically 4 different ways. The 4 types are also connected to the 4 elements of air, water, fire, and earth, as well as 4 natural elements, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen.

What I gained from this program was a deeper understanding of some of my personality qualities so that I could see the positive value of them and build on that, rather than trying to hide the negative side of them.

For example, based on this Carol Tuttle system, my energy profile type are the action-takers; we can organize people and get them moving. The negative side is that we can appear to be too pushy or bossy and I was always worried about coming across that way. But the positive side is that we are implementers (movers and shakers, you might say) and know how to get things done, which others (who aren't this type) really appreciate.

So now I know that I can embrace myself as an implementer and feel more self-confident, knowing that it is helping others. I know that's true from the feedback I receive from the members of my association. Some of them say that they could never get people to write chapters for books and create talks for tele-summits, but for me, it's easy.

Now, Carol Tuttle took her Energy Profiling system one step further and created a fabulous program for discovering your beauty and fashion type and teaching you how to express that in your wardrobe: Carol Tuttle Dressing Your Truth. After understanding more about your personality and nature in her program, you get to see what style of clothes and colors look best on you. When you are wearing the right style, color, hair, and make-up, you look your best, and feel your best. And feeling your best is a great way to boost your self-confidence.

Many women are clueless as to how to shop for clothes, as I have been most of my life. I did know what colors I should wear, but I got frustrated after picking the right colors and still not looking “right” and gave up on the color thing, until I understood that it's more than just color. It's also style – and this system includes a Dressing Your Truth Style Kit that helps you buy only the wardrobe that matches your own profile!

Carol Tuttle Dressing Your Truth Image

Dressing Your Truth

Style includes line, angle, texture, drape, fabrication, and how you combine all of the elements. It also includes accessories such as scarves, belts, and jewelry, and what the styles and the ways to wear them.

Carol Tuttle points out that you can wear a garment that's the right color for you, but if it's not the right style for you, it won't feel right, and eventually, you'll stop wearing it, and not really know why.

When you see someone who looks really fabulous, it's the whole look. But it's also the energy. Knowing what to wear to create the style that best fits your personality and nature, gives you confidence which is your underlying energy. Wearing the clothes, accessories, hair-style, and make-up that looks best on you also gives you more self-confidence.

But more importantly, when you have a better understanding of your dressing nature, your movement, and your natural beauty qualities and how to express them, you gain a new level of confidence that naturally radiates out to instil confidence in you from others.

If you'd like to boost your self-confidence, discover more of yourself so you can express more of your true self. You can do that by reading one of Carol Tuttle books, “It's Just My Nature,” and “Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile”, or exploring one of her extremely popular online training programs like Dressing Your Truth.


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