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Carol Tuttle Chakra Healing System

Michelle Jones

Chakra Healing is a traditional form of energetic therapy that people have believed in and used for years. These subtle inner energies, if they are not aligned or flowing properly, are going to be what causes a lot of issues for people to deal with on a daily basis. To deal with this type of problem, we all need to start learning how to reconnect with these subtle energetic flows and most importantly the main 7 energetic centers in our bodies – called chakras.

There are quite a few ways to get the information on how to identify, reconnect and start interacting with these powerful energy vortex structures. After checking out old transcripts, yoga books and instruction manuals, I've stumbled upon this course prepared by Carol Tuttle, called Carol Tuttle Chakra Healing System. That was my first experience with this wonderful teacher and I have to admit the I was skeptical in the beginning – but that feeling went away after only a few training sessions…

As with any other types of training out there and before taking any type of course, especially one that deals with rare topics like finding energy cures, you need to learn a few things about the instructor. If you haven't had a chance yet, please check out other articles on this site where I talked about Carol Tuttle and her accomplishments as a spiritual teacher, but in short – Carol is an esteemed expert in the energy teaching world.

You can also try this free 3-Minute Chakra Healing Test  that Carol Tuttle designed to provide you with an immediate feedback on the current state of your energetic field.

Carol Tuttle has managed to provide numerous one-on-one and mass therapy sessions for people who have suffered from a variety of ailments, but has also taken and transformed some of her biggest treatment options into the books. All these ways of communication are there to help people learn how to change their life with the inner energies and tools that they already have!

Here is one of the articles Carol Tuttle published that highlights some of the major differences between allopathic (modern medicine) and chakra balancing system approaches.

Carol Tuttle teaches that everyone has seven energetic centers of their body called chakras and chakra energy therapy is one of the best ways to work with this system. Each of these chakras corresponds both to an aspect of your spirit and to an aspect of your body. For example, your heart energetic vortex corresponds to both your physical heart as well as the spiritual qualities of love and compassion.

While much of modern medicine is totally concerned with the physical, material body and considers all illness and health problems to come from physical sources, the subtle energetic system understands that illness is caused by a complex interplay between mind, body and spirit- and that the only real way to heal is to address each of these aspects of the person.

Carol Tuttle Chakra Healing System - Allopathic MedicineBecause of this understanding, it should come as no surprise that there are powerful systems of chakra healers out there that you can use to fully heal and balance yourself.

Modern Medicine

For example, let’s look at how Carol Tuttle describes a way modern doctor and an energy specialist would both look at the same illness – heart disease.

A modern doctor would probably see heart disease and then begin to peg the cause of it on things like dietary cholesterol and whether or not the patient exercises often enough. They would treat the condition with pills and dietary changes, considering the problem to be fully physical. A chakra specialist would handle this case differently.

Carol Tuttle Chakra Healing

On the other hand, a chakra specialist understands the heart muscle on a deeper level. They know that the heart corresponds with the fourth chakra, and is concerned with some of the most powerful spiritual and emotional elements of being human. The heart energy vortex is concerned with relationships, with compassion, with love and with acting in this world in a caring manner. While they might consider some of the same physical causes as the MD, energy center specialists would go deeper and further.

They would speak with the patient about their relationships, about whether there are any serious relationships in their lives that are similarly damaged. The heart chakra is also concerned with existential questions that are very relevant in the modern world, and someone with a problem with their heart is likely to have many deep problems with how they act (or don’t act) within the world. Subtle energetic treatment and therapy addresses all of this.

More than just physical cures

As Carol Tuttle also explains, while there are physical cures that energetic healing specialists can prescribe, they are also likely to have their patient attempt to heal the spiritual correspondences to their illness as well. In the above example they would likely have their patient work at healing their relationships, on learning to accept and give love, and to act compassionately and passionately in the world. They understand that these actions have energetic and spiritual components to them that will heal and strengthen the physical heart by unblocking their heart energy center.

This is only one small example of how chakra healing can work. Overall it is a complex system that provides a deep and thorough understanding of how to diagnose and treat illness. It understands that nothing happens in isolation and that the human being is a many-layered creature, and that the visible causes of illness and discord are never the true roots of the problem.

Based on these principles, Carol created Carol Tuttle Chakra Healing System in which she guides us step-by-step in ways how to connect, identify areas that need attention and finally healing and re-balancing the chakras that are out of sync. These small corrections of energy imbalances are the key to having proper and deep energetic cure.

Carol Tuttle Chakra Healing 7 Chakra Centers

Carol Tuttle Chakra Healing

To ensure that we start working on the most pressing issues first, Carol Tuttle developed this set of question and answer combinations that help narrow down what to work on first.

She called it Carol Tuttle Chakra Test and you'll be able to access it as part of the training package. I believe that the simplified version of this Carol Tuttle chakra test is also available on the website and you can try it out before signing up for the program.

When people, either yourself or your patients, receive and accept this type of healing they are going to start to feel more energy flowing in and throughout their bodies immediately. Carol Tuttle then explains that this will then be reflected on their outward, material lives and it is going to help them enjoy other things that are not tied up by the old energies of lack and disease. Carol Tuttle mentioned that the most dramatic changes like these usually manifest in people that have had long term blockages in their inner energy systems and most commonly visible as various types of chronic diseases.

Carol Tuttle Chakra Healing System is a true and extremely effective energy healing course that everyone should take. I've discussed this with many students of Carol Tuttle Chakra Healing training and we all pretty much agreed that it will work no matter which level of knowledge you think you have about chakras and spiritual growth. Sometimes, just by being in a group (either physically in the room, or online as a part of a larger group training) you get all the benefits of healing and learning at an accelerated pace.

And then, once you start to learn more and more about the energy healing and you begin routinely doing exercises Carol Tuttle teaches you to do, you'll start to feel better and have more control over your life. That will create this “positive loop” that will push you to do more, meditate more and do more energy healing! At least, do not let this opportunity pass – give Carol Tuttle Chakra Healing course a try and see if it works for you too!

New! CAROL TUTTLE’S 4-WEEK Weight Loss Cure!
Release the emotional patterns and limiting beliefs that keep you from losing weight. Let Carol Tuttle show you how to start 2020 with losing weight easily! Start your free trial today...